Southern California Roadrunners

USATF Nationals 2005 XC 5K Course

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5K course

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Course Description

The 5,000 meters course starts in the main athletic field and goes 400 meters before any significant turn. The course turns to the right at that point and then turns right again after approximately 100 meters and follows a path that will keep the baseball field to the runners’ left side. At 650 meters, the runners will go through an opening in the stone wall, take a left turn, run approximately 140 meters and go up a short hill and back through the stone wall. This is approximately 800 meters into the race. The course then goes between the baseball and softball fields, up a small hill and retraces the first loop in the opposite direction. When they pass the course’s first turn in the opposite direction they will have run approximately three quarters of a mile. From that point they run back into the main athletic field.
At approximately 1,500 meters the course narrows down to a 10’ wide stone dust trail. At 1,600 meters, the athletes will take a sharp right turn on a path that goes behind the physical plant building. This 150 meters path narrows down to eight feet in places.
At 1,750 meters athletes will descend a 270 meters long hill that takes the athletes into a lower athletic field. The hill is broken into two sections and is not one continuous descent. The 2,000 meters mark is right after the runners enter the lower field. Very shortly after that, the runners will enter a 2,000 meters long wooded trail.
The first ½ mile of wooded trails is winding and has rolling hills. At 3,000 meters, the course starts to turn back. Shortly after that there is a long hill, the two miles mark and a bridge. Right after the bridge there is a winding set of short up and down climbs.
When the athletes finish the woods’ loop and enter the lower field a second time they will have gone 4,000 meters and begin a climb of approximately 270 meters, ascending the hill they came down. They then run the path behind the physical plant and 100 meters of the stone dust trail. At that point athletes are next to the main athletic field, approximately 500 meters from the finish.
From 4,500 meters to 4,700 meters the runners stay on the stone dust path. At 4,700 meters they take a right turn, run 140 meters then go up and come down a short hill. Sixty meters after that, the runners make a right turn, run approximately 100 meters in front of the football stands, and finish in front of section 1 nearest the parking lot.