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Phillip Rangel Memorial Fund
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Phillip Matthew Rangel III Memorial Fund

On behalf of the Rangel family, The San Diego SoCal RoadRunners is proud to establish the Phillip Matthew Rangel III Memorial Fund to honor the memory of their son and brother, Phillip Rangel III, a well loved young man whose energy and enthusiasm graced our team several years ago.
The San Diego SoCal RoadRunners is a non-profit organization that operates strictly through the volunteer efforts of our Head Coach, Mike Mena, his wife Jeanette, and the many parents who volunteer their time and talents for the benefit of the 50 plus runners that train with the club for Cross Country, Road Races and Track and Field events.
We are deeply grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Rangel for their support in establishing this fund. Contributions toward Phillipís Memorial Fund will be used to support the continued training of all our runners.
We would also like to thank the MCJ Foundation for their generous donation in memory of Phillip Rangel

Donations may be mailed to:
San Diego SoCal RoadRunners
980 W 4th Ave
Escondido,Ca 92025
Attn: Phillip Matthew Rangel III Memorial Fund
"The brave are fearless, but the benevolent are invincible."
Phillip Matthew Rangel III

Born on December 7, 1981, Phillip was an adventurous, self motivated, and possessed high energy. To focus and harness his enthusiasm, his father took him on daily runs beginning at the age of 6 years old running 5-6 miles, three times a week. Being inspired led Phillip to join the San Diego SoCal RoadRunners and successfully ran in the National Jr. Olympics for cross country in 1998. Throughout elementary to high school he participated in cross country and track. He graduated from San Pasqual High School in Escondido and attended Grand Canyon University majoring in business and marketing in Phoenix, Arizona.
Phillip was a consummate student of life and believed in living life to its fullest each day. What drove this pursuit of achieving his potential was based on Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He said that his desire while on this Earth was to be a part of Anything that raises awareness to a good cause or any act of kindness for someone. His generosity, concern, and sensitivity for others were genuine and admirable. He spent one year serving as a missionary in Australia. He also volunteered to feed the homeless, and mentored troubled and run away youth. This experience transformed his life. Phillipís aspiration to gain the most out of his time no matter what he was doing was what drove him to be the man that he became. He wanted to make sure that he had a lasting impact on each and every person that he came into contact with and his desire for them to want to achieve their fullest potential that life had to offer. Phillip said, I want to make an impact with as many people as I meet, to be selfless and unwavering in the way that I live. He didnít want any act in his life to be for naught, but rather for each moment to have some significance towards building for the future. It was this pursuit of success that led him to create Republic World Media, a promotion company aimed at aiding as many people as possible. It was this drive in Phillip that led him to a 20-0 record in Boxing, with 18 wins by knockout, a 12-0 Full Contact Fight record, and a 52-0 Karate Record. Phillip never stopped learning or pursuing his dreams as a son, a brother, a boyfriend, and a friend. His mark on each of us will be clearly seen in the years to come.