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The San Diego SoCal RoadRunners is a youth Cross Country and Track and Field group open to any young athlete, regardless of ability under the age of 19. The SDRR was founded in 1994 by Mike Mena, and joined in 2000 by George Green, Head Track Coach at Coronado High School, for a southern venue. Over the years the SDRR and its coaches have produced many athletes who have gone on to further success at the high school and collegiate levels.


The prime objective of the club is to encourage youth participation in running, in the discipines of cross country,road and track. The goal of the club is to train youth in all aspects of running technique and sportsmanship, and to encourage and direct youth in the participation of competitive running events. Another goal is to take all eligible runners to annual national competitions in track and cross-country.
SD SCRR promotes the vision of running as a life-long activity with unparalled health benefits and advocates a safe, balanced and enjoyable approach to training and racing, and a smooth transition to competition at the high-school level and beyond.

Track and Field

Track season training commences in mid-March, includes pre-season races in mid-April to late-May and peaks in June with the USATF Association and Regional meets. The USATF Nationals are held in late July, for those who qualify


Early season cross-country training begins in late-August, with early season junior XC meets being held in October-November. The USATF Association and Regional meets take place in late November and the season concludes with the National Championships in early December The cross-country season also gives the athletes the opportunity to participate as teams as well as individuals. The team aspect of these events is very motivational and rewarding

USATF Age Divisions

USATF age divisions are based on the athlete's year of birth, not his/her age on race-day. Other organizations, such as the AAU differ in their definition of age categories. All athletes competing in USATF-sanctioned events such as Association, Regional and National championships must have a valid membership card which may be purchased directly from the USATF website.

USATF Age Divisions for 2018
Year Born
8 and under
2010 and later

Responsibilities - Code of Conduct

  • Do your best to make every practice on time.
  • Arrive at practice ready to listen, work hard and learn.
  • Be supportive of ALL athletes on your team.
  • Show respect for coaches, officials, teammates and opponents.
  • Learn the rules, and always compete by them.
  • Remember, your opponents are necessary friends. Without them, you cannot compete.
  • Use only appropriate language around the club events.
  • No matter the outcome of the meet, you will always be a winner if you do your best.
  • Have FUN!


  • Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating good sportsmanship towards all athletes, coaches and officials at every practice and meet.
  • Place the emotional and physical well-being of your child(ren) above any personal desire that they win.
  • Support coaches and officials working with your child(ren) in order to provide an enjoyable and fun experience. REMEMBER . . . coaches and officials are volunteers giving of their personal time and money.
  • Demand a drug, alcohol and tobacco free environment for your child and assist by refraining from their use at all youth sporting events.
  • Remember children are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment, not ours, and children need models, not criticism.
  • Support the team by volunteering to help with practice, helping at a meet, with transportation or wherever else it would be helpful.